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Welcome to the Grindcorps. The Grindcorps blog has been created in order to share my passion for extreme music with the world. I will do my best to expose some of the best new albums and and up and coming artists. The Goal of the Grindcorps is to become a place where fans can come to sample all of the best new death metal and grind albums as well as be turned onto great bands they otherwise might not have heard of. I hope to broaden the audience of many of the lesser known groups I post as a thank you for producing excellent music.

If you have any suggestions for great up and coming bands or hot new albums I haven't posted lemme know and I will listen and try to share them . This blog is in its infancy now so I hope as time goes on to expand it in terms of looks and music selection. Hopefully I as time goes on Lots of classics and older albums will be featured.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Electro Quarterstaff- Aykroyd

Release date:
October 18th, 2011
Willowtip Records
1. The Wolf Shall Inherit The Moon 02:40  
2. McNutty 06:22  
3. Waltz of the Swedish Meatballs 05:04  
4. Unholy Gravy 06:28  
5. Descent by Annihilation Operator 04:10  
6. The Blacksmith 05:11  
7. Stroganoff 03:32  
8. Japanese Upside Down Cake 07:12  


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Deicide - To Hell With God

Full-length, Century Media Records
February 15th, 2011

Produced by Mark Lewis in Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida.
1.To Hell with God04:20
2.Save Your03:32
3.Witness of Death03:05
5.Empowered by Blasphemy03:16
6.Angels in Hell03:12
7.Hang in Agony Until You're Dead03:59
8.Servant of the Enemy03:17
9.Into the Darkness You Go03:32
10.How Can You Call Yourself a God04:15
Total playing time35:43

Monday, January 31, 2011

Medecophobic - Pandemic of Existence

Brutal Death Metal
Full-length, Self-released
January 7th, 2011

1.Torso Tetris04:09
2.Arterial Spray03:46
4.Apex Predator02:26
5.Mankind Laid to Waste04:26
6.Inextinguishable Despise03:38
7.In Chains Within04:50
8.Eruption of Disgust03:25
9.Pandemic of Existence06:33
Total playing time36:27

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All (2011)

Full-length, Willowtip Records
January 25th, 2011
Technical Brutal Death Metal
Auckland, New Zealand 

1.Burning Skies07:34
2.Dead Oceans07:01
3.Cold Becoming06:16
5.The Hollow Idols06:06
7.The Destroyers of All10:30
Total playing time52:49


Friday, January 7, 2011

Amogh Symphony- Quantum Hack Code (2010)

Progressive Metal, Funk, Jazz, Amazing
Full-length, Self-Released

1.Intro : The Clairvoyance

2.Rise of Osiris 1 : Malfunction detection

3.The Mainframe Interpretation of Q-Web Hack Code

4.The Polymorphic Infection : Prototype Worm “Proteus” Automation

5.Infinity Chamber of Uncertainty : Search of “Karna”

6.The release of X-Karna : Operation “Wave Duality”

7.Outro : The Collapse of Osiris 1

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cerebral Bore-Maniacal Miscreation (2010)

United Kindom
Death Metal
Full-length, Self-Released
August 2010

Guest Vocals:
Angel Ochoa (Condemned (USA), Cephalotripsy) - Maniacal Miscreation

1.Epileptic Strobe Entrapment04:49
2.The Bald Cadaver03:20[view lyrics]
3.Open Casket Priapism05:29
4.Entombed in Butchered Bodies03:53
5.Mangled Post Burial02:54
6.Flesh Reflects the Madness03:56
7.Maniacal Miscreation03:47[view lyrics]
8.24 Year Party Dungeon04:24[view lyrics]
Total playing time32:34

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dyscarnate- Enduring the Massacre (2010)

Death Metal/Grindcore
United Kingdom
Full-length, Siege Of Amida Records
May 3rd, 2010

1.An Axe To Grind04:02
2.Despised And Disgraced04:26
3.Extinguishing The Face Of Heaven04:13
4.Yielding The Iron Fist03:54
6.The Vitruvian Plan04:00
7.Those Who Trespass Against Us03:49
8.Enduring The Massacre04:40
Total playing time34:4

Download Dyscarnate-Please Report Dead Links 

Christ Hate-Christ Hate (2009)

Black Metal
Full-length, Negativity Records
August 3rd, 2009

2.House of Lies06:13
3.Jesus Is...04:48
4.Weak-Minded Imbeciles05:27
6.Hypnos Satanas05:46
7.Liar Messiah06:19
Total playing time51:03

Features Derek Engemann(Cattle Decapitation, Unmerciful) on vox guit and bass and James King  on drums (Origin (USA), Viral Load, Unmerciful)  


Monumental Torment-Element of Chaos (2011)

Technical Death Metal
SFC Records

01 - Nameless One
02 - Slaughter House
03 - Lethargic Sleep
04 - Mental Slavery
05 - Opression Submission
06 - Seek To Destroy
07 - Paradox
08 - Millenium Of Death
09 - Element Of Chaos
10 - Last Voice Of Future


Friday, December 24, 2010

Retaliation - Seven (2010)

Technical Death Metal
Full-length, Unique Leader Records
August 17th, 2010

Recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Dennis Schneider (guitar player in
Retaliation) in his Mainblast Studios. The mastering process took place at
Iguana Studios.

1.Hope of Zion06:15
2.Tragedy of the Servant04:20
3.Wrath Defied03:59
4.The Transience of Existence05:08
5.Disrupted Comprehension05:20
6.Textures of Sin (Instrumental)02:52
7.Ominious Greed03:38
8.An Ancient Wisdom05:02
10.The Rise of Zion04:13
Total playing time43:02


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity

Technical Death Metal
, Selfmadegod Records
November 15th, 2010

Recorded at Hertz Studio, Bialystok.
1.Rattlesnake's Dream01:35
2.Sea of Truth03:46
4.We Are the Universe03:45
5.Mirror Giants02:51
6.Hymn of the Forgotten02:38
8.Lost in the Sands04:16
9.Those Who Were02:20
10.Shine for the Chosen One03:52
11.The Blood of Stalingrad05:44
Total playing time36:59    

Cutterred Flesh - Cause The Apocalypse (2010)

Brutal Death
Czech Rpb.

Full-length, Nice to Eat You Records
December 2010

NTEY 034
1.The Coming of the Mutilated03:02
2.Cause the Apocalypse02:45
3.Dancing on the Flesh-Hook02:43
4.Autopsy Romance03:17
5.Six Minutes to Annihilation02:56
6.Corpse Infected Carnival04:00
7.Spread of Mutation03:39
8.Searching for Nihility02:53
9.Wish to Be Quartered03:23
Total playing time28:38

Savagery - Volatile (2010)

United States of America (Wilmington, California)
Brutal Death Metal
Full-length, Lacerated Enemy Records

1.Existence Consumed02:26
4.Fractal Illusions02:16
6.Neurotic Pathology02:50
7.Inception of Avarice03:40
9.Extermination of the Weak02:20
Total playing time24:58


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aborted Fetus - Fatal Dogmatic Damage (2010)

Slam Death Metal
Full-length, Comatose Music
December 14th, 2010

Logo by Jon Zig.
1.Mental Personality Disorder03:12
2.Aquarium with Dead Souls02:06
3.The Shelter from the Broken Glass01:54
4.Corp(se)oration of Gluttony02:48
5.Fatal Dogmatic Damage02:22
6.Hedonistic Hunger02:01
7.Post Mortal Hymenoplastic (Virginity Restoration)02:28
8.Total Sodomization02:07
9.Unleashed Psychoanalysis02:10
10.On Road to Antiutopia02:49
Total playing time26:00

Monday, December 20, 2010

Syphilic - Behind Bars (2010)

Technical Brutal Death Metal
Full-length, Self-Released
March 2010

1.Wombhead04:35[view lyrics]
2.Robalni05:24[view lyrics]
3.Rochester Dechester06:56[view lyrics]
4.Miscarriage Mouthful04:44
5.Miss Congenitalia03:42[view lyrics]
6.K9 Creampie04:49[view lyrics]
7.Cannibalisdick03:23[view lyrics]
8.Vegetable At Best05:13[view lyrics]
9.Leper Messiah (Metallica Cover)05:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:25                                        
yet again, but better - 98%
Written by beatsfromhell on March 20th, 2010
While some bands sold out with there early 2010 releases (*ahem* Arsis) Syphilic keeps its core elements: relentless, complex, obscure brutality taken to disgusting measures with humorous samples taken from various media sources. Despite sticking to original roots, progression is also very present with this record. Including but not limited to: adapting new vocal styles, more electrifying guitars, and more complex song structures in general. The only other way to experience this album would be to sodomize yourself with an electrical wire.

From the start the guitars sound better and more technical. But don’t worry, it’s not overly technical. There’s quite a few pinch harmonics at fast paces in the riffs that kind of give it that technical sound. There’s a much more defined sound that is far more chaotic sounding on this album. Still, the “take no prisoners” brutal death metal guitar playing style is still relevant on this album. The riffs in general are still recognizable as a prominent Syphilic release, just on the next level.

The border-line signature vocal style of Brian Forgue is of course still here. However, he has seemed to have expanded his vocals a bit. There’s a vocal style that is used in various places throughout this album that almost sounds like a traditional death metal growl, or as close to it as Syphilic will probably ever get. Regardless, the obscure and brutal vocals are here in all there glory. But once again, on the next level.

And what would a Syphilic release be without the samples? Possibly just another brick in the wall. This album starts off with a sample from Bad Santa, and the sample continues at the end of the album. A lot like the Lewis Black joke at the beginning and the end of Erotishock Therapy. Behind Bars uses numerous samples from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Yes, the FX original series is heard various times through out Behind Bars. These specific samples are lines from the T.V. show that discuss topics that are very relevant to this record, including: musical talent, unprotected sex, gutturals, and molestation. So in the end, it works out pretty well on this album.

If you love death metal and Metallica, then (possibly) you’re dream has come true. Behind Bars ends with a cover of Metallica’s Leper Messiah. But this is a cover done right. It is immediately recognizable as Leper Messiah, but much heavier. It generally sounds almost the same but in a death metal style.

If you like death metal and can handle sheer chaos, then buy Behind Bars. It doesn’t disappoint at all.