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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cerebral Effusion-Impulsive Psychopathic Acts (2010)

 Brutal Death Metal, Spain
 No Doubt 100% Perfect Fucking Brutal Masterpiece - 100%
 When this album was just released, I was really confused whether I should buy it, because in my memory, Cerebral Effusion's releases are always not that good and I regret my purchase so much everytime I buy their stuff. However, I decided to trust them once more, and I could't help feeling proud of my decision as soon as I received this album. It's so fantastic!

It's hard to believe that it's an album from Cerebral Effusion, as it has nothing in common with their former ones. Intense guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, insane drum blasts, and most impressive, the incredible sick guttural vocals. They are all not what Cerebral Effusion could have before. I even wondered if Comatose Music had put a wrong CD in the jewel case, it was just like an album from California or Texas. But after confirmation once again, I knew that Cerebral Effusion had released a superb masterpiece. Honestly, it has been ever the best as well as my favorite album then.

Let me say, Disgorge and Devourment have no doubt been the greatest bands since 1999 after their legendary releases Cranial Impalement and Molesting The Decapitated. Any band who produces a single song similar to these two will be regarded promising and wonderful. So can you imagine that if there is a band mixing them together? California way technical + Texas way slamming, wow, what can be more attractive than this? And here comes Cerebral Effusion with Impulsive Psychopathic Acts, which is such a flawless mergence. It's the one & only reason but persuasive enough that I recommend this to all brutal death metal fans, it's absolutely a must, and you're sure to be indulged in it immediately.

By the way, the cover of this album is so beautiful that I'm fully falling in love with Venus. All I want is to insert her and suck all her juice up in the name of Cerebral Effusion.

Enjoy it guys, and stay brutal and sick! m/

Full-length, Comatose Music
March 6th, 2010

Cover artwork by Marco Hasmann.
1.Humiliation Through Methodical Submission04:30
2.Homophobic Indiscriminate Violation04:15
3.Into Morbid Obesity04:15
4.Epidemic Of The Era04:10
5.Psychotic Compositor03:51
6.Last Torture Preferment04:17
7.Absolute Excrement06:48
Total playing time32:06         

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