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Friday, July 2, 2010

Squash Bowels- Grindvirus(2009)

Full-length, Willowtip Records
October 22nd, 2009
The album was recorded and mastered at Hertz studio in Białystok, Poland in
May and June 2009. The artwork was done by Lukasz Jaszak (Behemoth, Carpathian
Forest, Blood Red Throne, Emperor, Gehennah).
2.Two Cows and Monkey01:58
3.Oust - Odour Eliminator02:13
5.Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man01:40
6.Shit Oneself02:54
7.D. I.02:10
8.Sheep Dag01:54
9.Bacterial Fertiliser01:41
10.Hamsters in Your Head01:35
11.Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Ass02:05
12.Nose - Lunger01:28
13.Child Victims03:30
14.Anodal Closing Odour01:55
Total playing time28:36

Squash Bowels are back again with another album of guttural grindcore! Brutal beyond belief, but sprinkled with groove and memorability, Grindvirus is one tasty grind treat with plenty of gory panache.

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Metallum-Squash Bowels

Metallum Review-
"Why hasn’t this album been reviewed yet is just beyond my comprehension. It’s a shame that every week countless worthless albums are thrown out in the market that get tons of reviews despite being utter piece of crap but albums like Grindvirus get overlooked so easily. Honestly albums like this release after years. The band has been categorized under the genre of goregrind but this album is pure grindcore with no horrible pitch-shifted vocals or any other nauseating noises whatsoever. Despite being a huge grindcore fan none of the offerings from the godfathers of grindcore Napalm Death and Carcass has been my cup of tea but ironically the bands those two bands spawned have often been up my alley. Squash Bowels is one of those bands that clicked with me instantly the first time I heard them. They are not a new band and have been around since 1994 but not many people are aware of their existence.

These guys sometimes trio sometimes quartet definitely know how to fucking grind your mind and body into chucks and pieces. Grindvirus is 28 minutes of catchy grooving grindcore spread out over 14 ear splitting tracks. The band plays a more modern and groove-laden brand of grind. Rather than relying solely on speed and intensity, Squash Bowels focus more on writing good songs and playing them well. There’s nothing sloppy about this effort, every song is crafted with a purpose and played with style.

The music has a heavy death metal feel to it; very heavy, very deliberate and punishing with deep growling snarls and occasional high-pitched throaty screams leading the attack with frenzied drumming and top notch earth shaking shredding throughout all 14 tracks. Vocals that are divided into clear growls and high pitch screams are as brutal and hate-fueled as ever and Artur’s bass playing has never sounded better; his basslines play a prominent role in the band’s sound and provide thick backup to constant blasting riffs. Drummer is like an animal behind the kit, bashing away at top speed when it calls for it and slowing things down when needed. Andrzej’s shredding takes the band to an entirely new level and I think his influence gives the band a more technical sound and he really pushes everyone else to match his skill. The songs range from one and a half to over two minutes and have grind sections and blast parts perfectly placed in them. Songs like Sheep Dag, Shit Onself and Bacterial Fertiliser have some of the catchiest and awesome riffs. Production is absolutely stunning with all the instruments sounding amazingly balanced and crystal clear. From time to time the music does get a little stagnant and monotonous, but overall this is one of the absolute finest grindcore albums I’ve heard in a long time. Don’t come into Grindvirus expecting amazing technicality or gore-drenched slab of brutality. This album is all about the simple catchiness that will leave you wanting for more.

This is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard in ’09 and will be on my short list for album of the year and it’s been spinning continuously in my CD player since it came out. This is by far my favorite style of grindcore and these guys pull it off incredibly well. Get this one, play it fucking loud, and watch everyone race to get out of the way."

-Written by Devourgasm138 on January 25th, 2010

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