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Welcome to the Grindcorps. The Grindcorps blog has been created in order to share my passion for extreme music with the world. I will do my best to expose some of the best new albums and and up and coming artists. The Goal of the Grindcorps is to become a place where fans can come to sample all of the best new death metal and grind albums as well as be turned onto great bands they otherwise might not have heard of. I hope to broaden the audience of many of the lesser known groups I post as a thank you for producing excellent music.

If you have any suggestions for great up and coming bands or hot new albums I haven't posted lemme know and I will listen and try to share them . This blog is in its infancy now so I hope as time goes on to expand it in terms of looks and music selection. Hopefully I as time goes on Lots of classics and older albums will be featured.

Any links to files I provide are intended only as samples. If you like the music show your support for these great bands by purchasing their albums.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia (2010)

Technical Brutal Death Metal

The EP was recorded at 16th Cellar Studios in the group's hometown with producer
Stefano "Saul" Morabito.

Cover art by Marco Hasmann.
1.Thru Our Scars05:30[view lyrics]
2.Abyssal06:45[view lyrics]
3.Conspiracy of Silence05:30[view lyrics]
4.Blinded by Fear (At the Gates cover)03:10[view lyrics]
Total playing time23:55     

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